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 “Hygiene is No Longer a Loss Leader in Our Office! In just a few months our hygienists have doubled what they were producing before Angela Pratt came in. It has been a real eye opener. Angela is by far the best professional adviser I have ever had in 30 years of practice.”

Richard Tosie, DDS

"Angela is not only a skilled dental hygienist but also
 has vast experience in the dental private practice arena, both in the front office and clinical area. She is incredibly knowledgeable in how a dental practice functions as a whole."

Dr. Mark Fernandez, Pediatric Dentistry of Sunset Hills
Satisfied Clients
"Angela L. Pratt has been an integral addition to our team for the past two years. She imparts an obvious passion for dental care and how it correlates to the general health and well-being of our patients. Angela’s ability to educate our patients in the importance of their treatment needs has had a significant impact on our patient family. Angela has increased our capacity to lead clinical skills and team development to the extent we are to engaging and achieving our dream in delivering quality dentistry for years to come."

Lisa Woodfin Office Manager, Dr. Waite & Associates St. John’s Dental

 "I have worked with Angela since the mid 90's and have always found her to be a very willing and extremely capable professional. She always takes on the most difficult tasks and completes them in a professional and skilled manner. I wish I was not retired so I could still benefit from her vast knowledge of the dental field and complete dedication to everything she does. She’s the solution expert and true professional to have on your team!!—
Jerry Albrecht, DDS

 "Angela has assisted our practice to uncover hidden profits! Angela’s has helped our already successful hygiene department to a higher profit level. We have even more satisfied and educated patients who appreciate me and my team and who are sure to keep coming back and with appreciative referrals! We are offering broader services with much of the care being delegated appropriately to assistants and hygienists. Our patients are pleased they are treated to the highest level of care and oral health education available.
Stuart D. Waite, DDS, MBA Chair, Dept. of Dental Medicine, Director, Gen. Practice

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