**How can I keep my team motivated?

**Does our practice maximize all "Internal Marketing"


**Is my team aware of  and do they practice my philosophy and delivering our mission statement daily?

**What happened to our day, it was full yesterday?

**What's the best "bonus" program for my team?

**"Does my team provide the optimum "patient experience" for our practice?

** How many of my emergency patients are turned into "Established Patients?"

"Am I "LEADING" my team or is my Team controlling me?"

" How can I work smarter, not harder?"
Doctor F. A. Q.'s to consider investing in a Dental Practice Coach:

**"Are we all on the same page?"


Practice Analysis & Assessment

Angela's comprehensive professional
coaching services offer doctors and
*Proficient Preventative Care Assessment for a Profitable Hygiene Department

*Team Accountability towards The Practice Goal

*Building the Ideal Day-Reducing
Broken Appointment Syndrome

*Team Motivation-Reward Programs
*Team Building through Professional
 -Proficient Problem Solving

*Optimizing the teams knowledge on profitable insurance coding-reimbursement

*Hands-on training
to understand and consistently implement the Standard Of Care, Professional-Profitable Billing Systems

*Professional training resources for
customized and individualized business philosophy systems

*Access and Training Implementation for a variety of Proficient and Profitable Business Tracking/Monitor Forms, Team Scripting, Practice Checklists towards Practice Improvement

Also available:
Phone coaching with doctors and teams for immediate, short-term consulting needs.
Call Today  (314) 660-3783 or email info@dmillc.net
The "BUSINESS" of Dental Hygiene
Understand and enhance your hygiene team performance- Even in today's  struggling economical times.

             Learn more about the

Empower your hygiene team today!

*Motivating the Hygiene Team to maximize  talents without "burning out"
Emphasize the Dental Hygienist's Role in today's practice towards:

Increasing Hygiene Production-Assist the seasoned and newly trained Hygienist to Recognize and Promote Periodontal and Restorative Treatment

Learn to provide more accurate case diagnosis and treatment recommendations
Utilizing and maximizing dental radiographs
Educate Team on Exam types and definitions

Educating and acceptance of fluoride

Same day re-care appointment procedures

Hygiene productivity recognition models

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